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Website Business Plan

Website Design

1st Stage to Website deign – Traffic Giant Edinburgh
• Planning is the primary stage; at Traffic Giant we will look at your target market so we can establish how the site should look and ‘feel’.
• Set goals and website objectives
• Knowing what your customers want to find on your website is vital, so understanding your audience will give us the ability to tailor your website to your target market.
• We will analyze the market leaders to establish how their websites have become successful.
• We focus on the relationship between images, price and the ‘buy button’
• Sketch planning the homepage design and establishing the website structure and how the pages flow will help minimise time and money in the future.

Website Content

2nd Stage to a successful website design – Traffic Giant

• The content on your website must clearly define your business and has to be engaging.
Content is King, but your website needs to be laid out so your potential customers can find what they want quickly.
The above process helps with clearly defining your web identity and to create a website that will deliver accurate content to your target market.
• We structure the content so the browsers get the information quickly but we look to add links to resell other product and services
• If requested, we can provide professional SEO copywriting services

Website Programming

3rd stage to a successful website – Traffic Giant, SEO Edinburgh

Our job is to develop your website so it is compliant with industry standards set by W3C; this also helps with SEO. Google can only see code when it visits your site, so your website source code needs to be done to an extremely high standard. Research has shown websites that have been programmed using ‘old’ methods will always take longer to get the desired results.

Website Analyse

4th stage to a successful website

• After the build has been completed, through using analytical software we will then monitor the conversation rate. We will follow this by building an understanding of the patterns that are emerging, i.e. what pages users are spending most time on, which pages they exit from etc.
• Researching which phrases people are typing to find your business will determine which keywords are generating traffic and sales.
• Understanding the usability of your website gives the ability to make the adjustments required

Internet Marketing and SEO – Build Traffic

5th stage to a successful website

• Using a range of different techniques to generate traffic to your website, we help ensure your website doesn’t just rely on one source.
• Researching which keywords will drive the most amount of traffic to your website is a big part of working with the search engines. Establishing the right keywords will help you increase the most relevant traffic to your website.
• Analysing the market leader’s strategy is a great starting point.
• Link Building Campaign
• Online and offline PR
• Pay per click campaigns (PPC)
• Brand and reputation management will means controlling the 1st few pages that are on Google that discuss your company. I.e. Blogs, directories and review sites etc.
• SEO Copywriting services!

Hard Work – Time – Budget

Creating a website to be proud of is standard, the rest of the steps will take extensive planning, attention to detail, continuous support and monitoring. Here at Traffic Giant we provide the complete package; to learn more click here.