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Website Design From Traffic Giant Website Designers from Edinburgh

When you think of a website designer what do you think of? Someone who makes websites? A person who organises the layout of a site? At Traffic Giant our website designers are artists; they are creative, innovative and posses the technical know how to design and build search-engine-friendly websites that will accurately reflect your company and impress your customers. We can build anything from simple one-page websites to large, complex, content managed sites.

Website Design Business Development Plan

Moving forward with a website development plan is the smart way to grow your business. At Traffic Giant we are able to provide you with the complete online solution, from web design to online marketing – we have the knowledge and expertise required to bring maximum return on investment.

Search Engine Optimised Design

Having a website that is search engine ready from the instant it goes live is ideal if you want to make an impression online. Our search engine optimised website design service results in our clients being ready to begin an SEO campaign from the moment the site is launched.

Ecommerce Website Design

Getting the look of your website right is just as important as the products or services you are selling. At Traffic Giant we believe that creativity and originality is vital for any good design; however, that doesn’t mean to say that certain strict guidelines shouldn’t be followed! Read below to see what our award-winning eCommerce web design services include:
• Search Engine Friendly – our magento ecommerce website designs are developed with the search engines in mind!
• Visitors can be impatient, which is why we create our websites easy to navigate!
• All websites are built to comply with W3C standards
Planning is essential. At traffic Giant we will build a comprehensive website plan that will help us understand your business. This saves time in the long run and gives us the ability to get everything from the structure of the layout, to your overall online brand presence absolutely right.
A website with maximum visibility and exposure is a website that provides a good return on investment, to find out more call our web design experts on 0131 561 7325 or request a call back on the right of this page.