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Link Building with Traffic Giant – SEO Edinburgh

Once the on-page SEO has been completed to a high standard, link building follows. This is one of the most important components that can increase the success of your website’s presence amongst the search engines. Your competitors who feature higher on the search engines will tend to have websites with a large amount of quality links, coupled with good on-page optimisation.

What are links and why should you choose to start a Link Building Campaign?

Links are like votes, the more votes you have, the more the search engines value your website. A couple of factors to consider are the quality and the relevance of each link. The holy grail of all links to achieve are those from highly ranked and highly trusted sources such as the BBC, Amazon or government websites – links such as these would generate the best results for your website’s popularity. If links were people, the highest ranked websites would probably be Barack Obama and David Beckham, for the simple reason that most people would be able to express an interest in, or an opinion of them. In the eyes of the search engines, if so many other sites are linking to your site then it must be a good source of information.

Traffic Giant can increase your website presence through creating High Quality Links

There are many different ways of increasing the number of links to your website. Here at Traffic Giant, our goal is to establish:

• Good Quality Links With High Page Ranking.
• Relevancy To Your Individual Industry.
• One-Way Backlinks.
• Themed And Relevant Anchor Text.
Too many SEO companies focus on achieving thousands of links, rather than on getting high quality links. At Traffic Giant we know what’s required to rank your website well.

To find out more information on how Search Engine Optimization can increase the traffic to your website through increasing the number of links, give us a call 01314732389.