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SEO Newcastle Company

You’ve found us! If you found Traffic Giant by typing in SEO Newcastle, SEO Companies Newcastle or Internet Marketing Newcastle then it’s no coincidence – we have a team of expert search engine optimization (SEO) technicians who help Traffic Giant practice what we preach.

High in the Search Engines

Why would you want to appear at the top of a major search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing?

I expect you already know the answer to this question, however, for those that are a little bemused by the terminology;

Think about it like this – when you are looking for something online (absolutely anything)where do you go? Most likely Google!

How often do you scroll past the first few pages when choosing a website to visit? Exactly – hardly ever! This is why businesses strive to get as high as possible on the search engines for keywords relevant to their business.

Looking for an SEO company to help you gain more visitors to your website?

You’ve landed in the right place! At Traffic Giant we provide our SEO Newcastle services to several local businesses because we know that local searches work. One particular SEO client we are working with has had good results in a short period of time for some extremely competitive keywords:

Geoff Steven and Son:

optician Newcastle                    3

Glasses Newcastle                    2

contact lenses Newcastle  3

Sunglasses Newcastle   5

Eye Test Newcastle                   5

Working with local businesses is a cost-effective solution for almost any company, and through targeting local search terms we’re able to help increase your online presence and hopefully sales.

Stay Local

Our office in Newcastle enables us to provide you with a local touch that many other SEO companies simply can’t provide. If you’re a local business and you offer your service or product within the North East then we can target your search engine optimization campaign around Newcastle. Recent research has proven that through concentrating your SEO efforts on Newcastle, you will maximise the amount of quality traffic your website receives, thus generating higher conversions.

Now is the time where you can imagine being at the top of Google…

…just think about all the clicks your website could receive if, for relevant keywords, your site was sitting proud on the first or second page of a major search engine! How often do you visit websites on Google that aren’t on the first few pages? Exactly! Almost never!

Get in touch with an SEO Newcastle expert today and take advantage of our free consultation on 0131 473 2389