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SEO Edinburgh

At Traffic Giant we believe that no matter how big a company gets, it should never forget its roots.

We’re an SEO company based in Edinburgh, and we continue to have great success working with local businesses to help develop their websites to increase the level of quality traffic.

We believe in quality over quantity.

Did you find our website through a local search term such as SEO Edinburgh, SEO companies Edinburgh or Internet Marketing Edinburgh?

If so, that’s no coincidence. At Traffic Giant we use our years of search engine optimization knowledge and experience to rank well for ourselves and our clients.

Quality traffic is vital, as are quality links to your site. Our SEO business strategy for Traffic Giant is to focus heavily on targeting local search terms – why? We’ve found that many businesses find it advantageous to work with local companies and local people.

Who do we work with?

We work with many SEO clients in Edinburgh – see below for 2 examples of how well you can do by working with Traffic Giant:



wedding dress Edinburgh                                1
wedding dress shops Edinburgh                     1
bridal Edinburgh                                              3
Bridal Shop Edinburgh                                    3
Designer wedding dress edinburgh                  2


Rug Repair                                                       5
Oriental Rug Repair                                          3
Oriental rug repair                                            3
Oriental rug repair edinburgh                           1
rug repair Edinburgh                                       1
Oriental rug cleaning edinburgh                      3
rug cleaning Edinburgh                                   4

Interested in getting more sales from your website?

An SEO company can help you get in front of your target audience – this is where Traffic Giant come in. As you can see above, several of our clients are on the first pages of Google for related keyword phrases resulting in a dramatic increase in quality traffic.

As a business owner you should realise that if your website appears at the top of the search engines then you will have a much higher chance of more sales!

Are you a local business? Get in touch!

If you’re a local business and predominately offer your service or product locally we can target your search engine optimization campaign around Edinburgh, or indeed any other area in the world! Research has proven that concentrating SEO efforts to Edinburgh will help to minimise wastage and generate higher conversions (less poor quality traffic).

For further information, or for a free consultation, get in touch with an SEO Edinburgh expert today on 0131 473 2389

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