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Today, Googling anything and everything is the most common way of finding information, businesses, products and services. Conventional media is not as prominent as it once was, indeed, the new generation do not know life without the internet. I first noticed the decline in the power of traditional advertising media when I saw the plummet in share prices of companies such as Yell and The Scotsman. The other quite significant thing I have noticed is the countless numbers of unwanted Yellow Pages left outside people’s flats and houses.

The Yellow Pages was once the bible when it came to searching for businesses. Now their strategy seems to have a greater online focus, and they seem to be doing very nicely with this fresh approach. As the high street has been a victim of the recession, the internet has continued to see growth, with the likes of ASOS, one of the leading online Fashion retailers, doubling their profits in 2008. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google AdWords Marketing spend has increased over the past few years by 30% and by a reported 25% in 2009. Such growth figures in normal economic circumstances would be impressive, but to think that they were achieved when we were going through one of the most difficult periods of our generation make them even more impressive.

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